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Your EDM Playlist: Fourward Lists Their Favorite Recent Tracks

Your EDM Playlist: Fourward Lists Their Favorite Recent Tracks

It might be surprising to some Fourward fans that their new LP, Lose Control is releasing on Friction’s Elevate imprint but once you give is a good listen, it all makes sense. D&B heads who’ve tracked the Austrian group’s work since they formed in 2018 will already know that their style is quite diverse, but with its focus on melodic, vocal highlights and sound design, Lose Control is still an interesting new addition to Fourward’s discography.

Fans worried that there won’t be enough neuro on the album because of all the vox and melody needn’t worry, however. Fourward are still sticking to the mantra, “no neuro no party” and there’s still plenty of party on Lose Control. In fact, despite all the melodic composition, tight sound design and highly techy tones, this album definitely lives up to its name as the most unhinged Fourward offering to-date. No matter what the tones or subgenre, it’s a raucous, headbanging, hedonistic album that will get even the most serious of chin scratchers dancing.

To elucidate how Fourward got from their previous EP, the tight, technical neuro marvel that was Sweetface on Eatbrain to this unfettered Thesomophoria of sound, we asked the guys what tracks inspired them in the writing process of Lose Control as well as which tracks on the album really summed it up for them. The resulting playlist it not only epic but does really provide insight into how Fourward keep their style so diverse. Please enjoy now.

Fourward – Lose Control

For us, the title track of our new album combines all the things we like most about making dnb at the moment. We love combining vocals and catchy melodies with a dance floor orientated drop. We cannot wait to play this one out once touring is possible again.

The Upbeats – Uncharted (Workforce Remix)

Combine The Upbeats and Workforce and the outcome will definitely be something we love. Two of our favorite dnb outfits – Jack absolutely smashed this remix!

Levela – Eclipse

Another favorite of ours. Great producer, great guy and yet another great tune. Big up Levela!

Fourward – Let me down (feat. Charlotte Haining)

When we made the album, we knew we wanted at least one tune that touches this specific corner of our sound and we knew we wanted to work on it with one specific vocalist, Charlotte Haining. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Metrik – Automata

Metrik’s new album is a fantastic piece of work full of tunes we like. This one is amongst the standout tracks for us.

Emperor – Ham-Fisted

It’s a great sounding track with a great vibe to it, his whole new ep is amazing.

Fourward – How (feat. Dakota Sixx)

After a few years of focusing on the harder, heavier sounds, we wanted to make a more musical, more melodic tunes again and Dakota Sixx went IN on that vocal. We loved it from day one and ended up making this our first album single. Even though it came as a bit surprising for some of our long time fans the reception has been great.

Mefjus, Camo & Krooked – Sidewinder

This has been one of our absolute favorite tunes of the last 12 months. The boys really went in for this one, numerous different drops, outstanding production and vibe. Absolute belter.

Fourward – Deep Inside

This has probably been our favorite dubplate to play in our sets for the last year before lockdown happened. The crowd reactions for this have been amazing, one of our favorite DJ tools.

The Prototypes – Enter the Warrior

Every time these guys release music, we know we’re going to like it and play it in our sets. This one definitely is no exception. Big up The Prototypes!

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