Home Music GREG PUCIATO Releases New Song “Roach Hiss”

GREG PUCIATO Releases New Song “Roach Hiss”


GREG PUCIATO Releases New Song “Roach Hiss”

Oh hell yeah, I’ mreally digging the new track from Greg Puciato that was released today, “Roach Hiss.” The track is from his coming solo album Child Soldier: Creator of God due out October 23.

Puciato commented on the 15-song-release saying “Not being married to band members means not having to compromise. But that also means that you’re not able to benefit from where that compromise might take you – which is often a thing you wouldn’t have thought of yourself. But the flipside is being able to do whatever the fuck you want.”

Child Soldier: Creator of God was produced by Nick Rowe (Vampire Weekend, Haim) and mixed by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Cure). Puciato performed all instruments with the exception of drums, which were played by Ben Koller (who plays on “Roach Hiss”), Chris Pennie and Chris Hornbrook.

Take a listen:

Pre-orders available here.

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