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DIY Painted Pumpkins

DIY Painted Pumpkins

In the spirit of fall, we have our first fall DIY project this year – YAY! If you saw on my Instagram I shared a hint at this DIY we did this past weekend and I am so excited to share this with you guys today! This is a super special DIY project because it was the first one we got Copey involved with. I really wanted to highlight how to use and incorporate children’s art into your decor and hope this gives you ideas for your home!

DIY Painted Pumpkins

The first part of this project was the DIY painted pumpkins! You’ll need either real or faux pumpkins that you don’t mind painting. I think this is a great way to reuse faux pumpkins that you don’t like the color of any more or that need a refresh. I took some faux pumpkins and painted them to match my fall color palette that I’m liking this year. I picked up these dark orange and peachy paint colors and tried out the viral baking soda paint trend.

Baking Soda Paint:

Choose a paint of your choice and mix in baking soda until you get the consistency you want in the paint. I mixed in about 1 tsp of baking soda but it will really just depend on the size of your pumpkins and how textured you want your paint to be. This gives the paint a matte finish and a ceramic-like texture! You can use a paintbrush or a paint sponge to apply the baking soda paint to your pumpkins.

Get your kids involved

Part Two of this DIY is the fun part! I often get asked if I have any ideas or inspiration for how to display kids art & for a while I didn’t have anything to share … but now we do! I really wanted to find a way to create some art pieces with Cope and incorporate them into our decor in a way that ties into our decor. So we decided to do some paintings! Cope used a technique that consisted of a mixture of a paint brush, finger, hand, and even a little bit of an elbow. Using the same colors that I painted the pumpkins, Copey created the perfect little series of artwork. Once the paintings dried I put them into these frames from Target. We put Cope’s artwork into the frames and it allows me to display his art in our house without it looking out of place in our decor. I also loved that I could easily switch out the art when we make our next project!

Color Palette

One of the first steps I take when entering a new season is deciding the color palette I want for my decor during that season. If you’ve been around for a while you know I love neutrals but that fall is the season that I tend to add the most pops of color. My favorite colors to incorporate into my fall decor are very natural, earthy, and muted colors. Once you select a color palette you like it makes it so much easier to avoid overbuying or buying things you don’t love. It can be so easy to buy something because its the latest trend or as an impulse buy, but then we end up with things we don’t love. When you select a color palette it makes it so much easier to minimize your fall decor & stay true to what you like! I love how these colors complimented the Artificial Oak Leaf Wreath I already had from Target.

My Paint Colors:

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, I loved being able to involve Copey in this project! If you try out either of these projects be sure to tag me in the final look, I love seeing your recreations of the DIYs. I can’t wait to share more fall DIY projects and inspiration on the blog, I’m working on a few more that will be coming soon. Thank you for stopping by the blog today, it means the world to me!

xx liz marie

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